Royal Luxury Services is a leading Luxury Travels, Concierge Services and Lifestyle Management service provider in the US and in Africa. We are dedicated to providing every travel, lifestyle and leisure request that you may not have time, expertise or disposition to undertake.

A Concierge and Lifestyle Management Service is not just a luxury or ‘nice to have’ inclusion, it is an essential piece in modern business and daily living. We undertake the tasks of making life easier for you by attending to the activities that can clog your schedule.

Staffed with experienced professionals and utilising state-of-the-art technology, Royal Luxury Services is proud to render unparalleled service in every aspect of our operations. Recognized for smart, reliable, effective and efficient concierge solutions worldwide, we also give individuals and corporations the benefits and advantages of on-site personal concierge services.

Royal Luxury Concierge constantly strives to surpass its client’s expectations; it is the company’s willingness and ability to make its client’s dreams come true that sets the company a cut above the competition. Plus being discreet and respecting privacy is a core value of our company.