Scholarships to study at Florida Atlantic University!

Florida Atlantic University is one of the largest research centers, successfully located on the ocean coast near Miami. The university has been successfully operating for more than 50 years: today more than 180 specialties are taught here, and among graduates, there are NASA astronauts and 2 winners of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize.

Among students and graduates of Florida Atlantic University, it is possible to note such most popular and sought-after specialties, such as:
– Engineering
– Biology
– Education
– Computer technologies
– Business
– Industry
– Tourism and hospitality technology
– Oceanology
– Public administration
– Industry
– Urban planning and urban planning.

With a culture that’s deeply welcoming, Florida provides you with not only an exposure to varied educational courses, extra-curricular activities, and intellectually-gifted people, but equips you for international opportunities to learn and to flourish.
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